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January 2019 - Official Selection

Redwood Film Festival January 2019 Official Selection Films
Redwood Film Festival January 2019 Official Selection Films

RedWood Film Festival announces the list of Official Selected films of January 2019.

  • Redwood Film Festival is an Online Film Festival. 

  • Our Jury screens the monthly selections Privately and from there we select the winners. Only the winning films will get a chance to participate in a second selection at the end of the year. If they pass the second selection, we'll screen them at our annual live online screening. Where one film from each category will be awarded. 

Short Film

  • Longshore | Kevin Briot

  • Whispers of a Red Rose | Aniez Atlas

  • Free | Pedro Nogueira

  • Mayathira | NIPIN H.S.


  • Living Idle | Ramana

  • Dream for Happiness | Irina Velichkova

  • False Minds | Jan Bartels

  • Iniquity | David Chavez

  • Mildred | Michael Ricci

  • THE RED ROSE | Ian Woodward

  • Midway Home | Fabian Cardenas

Student Short Films

  • Your Loving, Virginia | Casey Schoch

  • Life of a Mosquito | Hannah Simicic

Documentary Film

  • Walking on water | Gianmarco D'Agostino

  • Mestre Bessa (EN) | Pedro Nogueira

Animation Film

  • God has already gone ahead | PETER BÖVING


  • Life's a Drag... | Robin Royce Queree

  • Maybe I'm Gay | Rebecca Bendheim & Mark Bucknam

Feature Films

  • Dragonflies only live for 24 hours | Richard Anthony Dunford

  • Wake Up | Joe Nowland

Web Series

  • Case Management | LEVI A OTIS, Shadow Dragu-Mihai

  • Atomic Kingdom | James Peniata, Lily Cheng

  • The Grimoire Chapters: Rem | Michael Davis

Music Video

  • Your Eyes, Will I Ever | Félicien Colmet Daâge

  • Over. Above. Beyond. | Steve Cachero

  • Boom goes Julian | Stevie Big Gee

1- Minute Short Films

  • A Fool and His Money | Jeff Vande Zande

  • Bringing schools where there are none! | Gianmarco D'Agostino

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