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September 2021 - Official Selection

Redwood Film Festival December 2020 Official Selection Films
Redwood Film Festival September 2021 Official Selection Films

RedWood Film Festival announces the list of Official Selected films of September 2021.

  • Redwood Film Festival is an Online Film Festival. 

  • Our Jury screens the selections Privately and from there we select the winners. Only the winning films will get a chance to participate in a second selection at the end of the year. If they pass the second selection, we'll screen them at our annual live online screening. Where one film from each category will be awarded. 

1- Minute Short Films

  • Walking The Dog-30sec | Lawrence Whitener

  • The beginning | José Bibian

Short Films

  • Imitation of Life - A Machine Learning Story | Øyvind Knustad

  • Unhappy | Thomas Goersch

  • HoneyDough | Jillian Vitko

  • The Companion | Helen McKenzie Ross

  • Grave Talk | Andrew Huggins

  • Yard Sale - Final Cut A ver 4 | Andrew Huggins/Donna Whitmore-Sexton

  • Curb Service | Andrew Huggins, John R Sexton

  • The MARS Experiment | Lori Saux

  • What I want to say, Burn! * | Luís Damas

  • The Supers | Manoj Adhikari

  • "A Time of Fire" | Mimi Garrard

  • Smoking Kills | Steven LUCHEL

Student Short Film

  • Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Re-opening | Sophia Haber Brock & Joanna Downing

  • THIS IS FOR US | Roshan hill

  • SMORGASBORD | Roshan hill


  • Let Us Eat Cake!: Asexuality in the 21st Century | Maddy Heller

Web Series


  • "FaceTime With The Rickkenbakker Family" | Thomas Connelly

  • I am Who I am | Izaskun Arandia

Music Video

  • Panties And Chocolate - Love Song For Cuckold Teens | Shawy, Jeremiaah Bourgeois

  • Food To Ate | Randy J. Huling

Action Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Animation Film

  • The Penguin | Matt Bissett-Johnson

Documentary Films

  • "Four Motherless Children" | Ralph Isenberg, Joe De La Fuente

  • Who Will Remain? | Emily Felder, Christa Whitney

  • In their eyes | Arnaud Blin

  • The Builder | Ryan Lauterio, Nick Seitz

Comedy Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Crime Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Dark Comedy

  • Where's The Will | Paul Laudicano

  • Routine | Russ Emanuel

Drama Films

  • Athame | Dimitrios Karas

  • I WANT TO DO IT | Roshan hill

  • Inside me | Mateusz Kułacz

Experiment Film

  • Cornered | Raquel Salvatella de Prada

Horror Film

  • Loyal? | Felicia Rivers

Mystery Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Noir Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Non Fiction Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Romantic Films

  • Her & Him | Julian Morales

Sci-Fi Films

  • TAKE ME. | Kenneth Bordes-Hollon

  • Lemon Tea | Maurizio Venturiero

Women Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Thriller Film

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Trailer

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Director

  • Bruce Wayne Begins | Kevin Ruiz

  • Routine | Russ Emanuel

  • Smoking Kills | Steven LUCHEL

Best Female Director

  • Dear Quarantine | Tuğba Yiğitcan

Best Producer

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Cinematographer/D.O.P

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Art Director

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Editor

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Screenwriter

  • Beautiful Sunshine Script | JW Richardson

Best Sound

"Not Enough Entries"

Best VFX

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Actor - Male

  • Unhappy | Thomas Goersch

  • ... And He Found Me... | Aniez Atlas

Best Actor - Female

  • HoneyDough | Jillian Vitko

  • Routine | Russ Emanuel

Best Child Actor

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Supporting Actor Male/Female

"Not Enough Entries"


  • Ruse | Deric Olsen

  • A GOOD EXAMPLE | Lawrence Whitener

  • Somebody That I Used to Know | Robert Leo Cox

  • Arcturus Rising | Robert Cox

  • Beautiful Sunshine Script | JW Richardson

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